14 Chicken Hacks That’ll Make You Say “Whoa, That’s Smart”


Luckily, with a few clever cooking tricks, you can make sure you won’t ever eat sad, dry chicken again. (And you’ll save some time while you’re at it.)

Instead of shredding by hand, use a hand mixer to quickly shred chicken breasts into small pieces (just make sure they’re still hot so it shreds easily). See how to do it here.

Many people brine their Thanksgiving turkey, but did you know that the same technique can be applied to boneless chicken breasts? By quickly submerging them in a saltwater bath, you’ll make sure they turn out moist and juicy every time. See how to do it here.

This might sound complicated, but just think of it as seasoning the chicken in advance. It doesn’t take much effort and produces a similar result to a wet brine (but takes up way less space in the fridge). Read more about it here.

Yogurt not only tastes great, but makes an amazing marinade thanks to lactic acid. It helps break down the protein, tenderizes it, and is the perfect blank canvas for adding whatever flavor you want to it. (There’s actually a long scientific explanation as to why it’s such a great marinade, and you can read that here.)

Just like yogurt, milk not only makes a delicious sauce after poaching, but helps tenderize the chicken as it cooks. Learn how to do it here.


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