Cook This! with Shereen: Homemade Sunday Meatballs

On this episode of Cook This! with Shereen, Shereen demonstrates how she gets her homemade meatballs tender.

Sundays are special with meatball recipe

Anyone who comes from an Italian family will tell you: If it’s Sunday, it’s time for the biggest (and best) meal of the week.

In most families, the matriarch starts cooking early, making her special Sunday sauce (or, in some places, gravy) as well as a variety of dishes that show just how much she loves her family. And that family loves to eat.

This week, Shereen Pavlides conjures up the flavors, aromas and memories of such family dinners with Homemade Sunday Meatballs.

Using a blend of ground beef, pork and veal, the meatballs are gently fried and then stirred into a pot of marinara (homemade is best, but for those with less time, jarred will do as well).




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