Alizon Lissance was born and raised in New York City, a mid-to-late baby boomer who is shamelessly proud of the fact that she was unwittingly part of the movement that dragged the 1960’s kicking and screaming into the 70’s…(too young to go to Woodstock, but not too young to make up for it later).

NYC was home sweet home until she moved to Boston to attend Berklee College of Music. After doing a 2 year stint as a liberal arts student at Hunter College.. (the second year of her college career she took evening classes and tried the Monday to Friday 9 to 5 life at a small company in midtown Manhattan…Alizon realized that she would not be happy nor was cut out for life on any rung of the corporate ladder.

Playing music has been an integral part of Alizon’s life since she was too young to read. Early fantasies of playing the harp in a flowing white satin gown were transformed into reality via an old upright piano in the den accompanied by classical lessons complete with stressful recitals and juries all the way through early adolescence. Her father was a classical music buff who took her to the opera on a regular basis, an activity she eagerly looked forward to and dreaded at the same time…The Magic Flute at age 7 was particularly challenging to Alizon, who has never been blessed with the ability to sit still for long periods of time…

Alizon also felt a connection with portable stringed instruments and quickly graduated from ukelele to guitar. She found her own way around folk guitar with a little help from a series of lessons from a woman named Laura Weber through Channel 13, (public TV in NYC). You sent away for a book whose lessons coordinated with the broadcast, an early multimedia approach to learning that we are very familiar with nowadays.

Her high school experience at NYC’s Music & Art was focused on visual art, something that she has always been attracted to, yet the peaceful solitude of the artist’s life had nowhere near the appeal that music’s interactive opportunites presented.
Alizon’s precocious nature as well as her enthusiastic energy may have been a significant component of her attraction to the pursuit of a life in the music world ..

..Through the years musical performance has taken center stage in Alizon’s life, often as a supporting player and sometimes as a creative initiator..

As well as playing music, teaching others has always been a calling for Alizon… it constantly reminds her of how much we have to learn while simultaneously providing us with endless opportunities for creative growth and expression..
Alizon teach harmony classes at Berklee College of Music as well as private piano students.


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