Drinking back in the days

Alcohol has been around for hundreds, somewhere thousands of years.

The fermentation process of grapes, apples and overripe fruit has been known to man and mastered into beer, wine and in earliest case, spirits.

Indulging in quality drinks has always been the grown-up way of enjoying themselves.

Prohibition of spirits and alcohol in the US in 1920-1933 ended up as a total disaster and no one has really asked questions or looked back since it became legal once again.


The new era

But in 2020, a time where health enthusiasts, vegan oriented lifestyle and cigarette smoke is on the agenda pretty much every week, it is hard not to bring alcohol into the equation as it bears the same potential to problems as it bears to enjoyment.

Hence you see more and more cocktailbars bringing in the concept of “Low ABV” drinks for their guests to imbibe during their Saturday night out.

Low-ABV is a term used for drinks with alcohol but with a very low alcohol content.

A good example of low-ABV drinks is Aperol Spritz, Spirit/Mixers and Highball drinks like Cablegram.

Cocktailbars like Dead Rabbit, Smugglers Cove and Nightjar has low-ABV cocktails on their

menu already and the trend is moving fast forward already.

Cocktail Catering bars has dropped in on the trends as well, and we actually took time to contact one of Copenhagens best cocktail bartenders in the catering business, Alexander Machon, on his opinion on Low-ABV drinks.

Who are you and what are your relationship with drinks and bartending?

“I became a bartender at the age of 21 back in 2012 and started out at Lidkoeb cocktailbar which is a sister bar to the well known worlds50best bar, Ruby in Copenhagen.

It was a golden era for bartenders and mixologists all around the globe as the cocktail scene entered a renaissance where all drinks made with sours, fruitsugar flavours and low-quality liquor was banned and down-to-earth ingredients, fresh fruit, juice and in an artisanal way.

In 2016 I started my first catering company, Knock On Wood.

It was an interimistic layout with just the bare neccesities to make the cocktailbar function.

Word spread and within a year I had returning clients asking for cocktail catering from anything to parties and weddings.

I soon figured I would need more hands to help, and had to of my best friends joining me on the project in 2018.

We opened a full-time catering business an named it Only Events and opened the site Cocktaiils.dk ”


Can you give us your prediction of the 2020 bar scene?

I think we will see many cocktailbars settle on their concepts and keep the wheels turning by doing what they do. I think a lot of bars will close down, as the competition is very hard, the good thing about that is, that we will be left with the cutting edge cocktailbars with only the best bartenders left.

Low-ABV cocktails will become huge and we are already putting in a lot of money to ride the wave, as we believe in responsible drinking and want to be part of the different likings and preferences of our many guests when we go out”.


Do you have a favourite recipe or a secret you can share with our readers?

“Oh yeah, definitely. Bartending is actually a simple concept to master. You can make as good cocktails at home, as you can behind a bar. Our catering proves it to.

One of the first lessons I always teach my young apprentices is to fill up everything all the way, always! So wheter you’re filling up your shaker with ice to shake up the drink or you’re putting in garnish on the drink, always go maximum and fill things up and make it look juice, fresh and flavourful”.

For more information about Low ABV-Cocktails, visit https://cocktaiils.dk/.


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